Entrepreneurship and innovation have been alive and well in the UK for the last 300 years!

The UK often took a leading role in the world with growth through innovation which resulted in  dominance within industries and sectors. The wealth created provided the means for what we now regard as civilised society.

Despite what one might read in the media, the reality is that the UK is still an international powerhouse for innovation and entrepreneurship. This continues into the 21st Century with the UK being home to leaders and businesses that lead the world in terms of commerce, know-how and creativity.

However, the world has shrunk over the last 50 years with brands seemingly present in every country. Where once being a national brand was a guarantee of success and longevity, today it is not. To us it seems the UK company success stories are a feeding ground for international buyers, investors and capital.

We  believe that our entrepreneurs lack the support to go national and then global, instead preferring to leave that task to new owners. The business exit is seen by many start-ups in the UK as the end game. In fact, we wonder if Mark, Bill, Jeff and Steve had been in the UK they would have been advised by a steady stream of consultants and professional advisers to cash well before Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon and Apple had reached their potential.

Hodges and Wall believe that it is possible to grow a successful business, obtain long term secure funding while retaining control and realising the value you as an entrepreneur have created…….without exiting your business.

If you are curious how that can be done, please book an appointment and we will be happy to explain.