• Liam Wall

Is your organisation like a person or a machine?

Well that must be a loaded question surely. Are we casting aspersions on the humanity of you and your colleagues? No!

We are referring to whether your organisation is, put simply, organised to easily and consistently deliver your products and services to customers on time and at the agreed price.

If it does, can it do it to that standard while the business leaders are on annual leave?

There is a tendency for business leaders, particularly founders, to remain at the forefront of operational and sales delivery. Indeed, in the early days of a new business, if the founder adopts a different approach it will probably lead to failure of the new venture. But as time moves on and the organisation grows it is important that the load is properly shared and the organisation has an existence and an ability to make operational decisions without the input of the top table.

Just to confirm the 'ability to make operational decisions' is limited to the routine delivery of good and services and not decisions in the areas of strategy or funding.

To provide the foundation for building scale an organisation needs to be more like a machine where consistent inputs produce consistent outputs.

At what stage is your business?

Have you arrived at the pivot point where your company should be a well oiled machine, but you find yourself continually being drawn back in?

Or perhaps you can see the pivot point coming soon and know you need to plan for transitioning your company from being a 'person' to becoming a 'machine'.

Either way, we are here to help you scale your business. It's what we do and it starts with a conversation, so please call on 020 7965 7216 or email us.

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