• Liam Wall

Are we at Tetbury Hill yet?

Stop right now and think very carefully about these questions!

1. Do you have a specific and funded plan for your business for the next twelve months (at least) that has the support of the Management Team and which that team can deliver?

2. Have you set out the criteria that will confirm the organisation is on track during that period?

Nintety-nine times out of one hundred the initial answer to these questions by most business leaders is a resounding “Yes”. They see the question as a challenge or objection that they need to overcome.

Let’s face it, when a business reaches the size that there is a management team beyond the owner it must have engaged in some forward planning to organise resources to meet customer expectations or needs.

Here's the problem.

What is also the case “ninety-nine times out of one hundred” is that when each member of the management team is asked to specify where that plan will get the business they will each have a different answer that is only partially aligned to their peers. It is like having a car being operated by three people with one person operating the sat nav, another the brakes and a third the accelerator that is heading to Cardiff, London and Edinburgh at the same time.

Progress will be slow.

Plan for growth

If your organisation wishes to grow to the size and success of Dyson, HQ’d in Tetbury Hill, make sure you have a plan that is communicated to, and embraced by, every person in the organisation.

We can help you create this plan. For a no obligation chat, give us a call on 020 7965 7216 or email us.

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