• Liam Wall

Stick to your Ticket Harry!

It was Hagrid that said to Harry Potter, “Stick to your Ticket Harry!” in The Philosopher's Stone.

So what has advice from a fictional half-giant got to do with business?

In our blog Are we at Tetbury Hill yet? it was obvious that without a plan that everyone understood and worked towards, progress would be slow. In addition to a clear plan we also highlighted the importance of internal systems and processes.

To this we must add the need to stick to the plan.

As ever this is obvious and easy to say, but experience shows us that growing organisations find it really hard to do.

The top three reasons they deviate from the business plan are:

  1. In the name of customer responsiveness

  2. The CEO has had a 'lightening bolt' moment and wishes to change direction

  3. The organisation has routinely given up on the plan within the first quarter of every previous plan


If you understand your customer, your business and the market, and these were appropriately fed into the plan in the first place, the need for increased customer responsiveness or a lightening bolt should be very small in the first 6-9 months of the plan.

So, we would respectfully request that if this 'rings a bell' that you need to more thoroughly consider your plan before signing it off.

Alternatively, if you routinely abandon the plan then it may be that the management team does not value or see the benefits of the planning process. As the organisation attempts to grow this will leave it exposed to random chance future events.

So once you decide which train you are getting on (Harry!) don’t let people or circumstance easily change your mind.

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