• Liam Wall

Unlimited funding available

There is an almost unlimited amount of funding available for your vision!

We can hear the howls of disbelief suggesting strongly that if we ever had a mind, that we have definitely lost it!

We suspect the usual experience of business leaders of growing businesses is that funding is extremely limited.

High street banks

The traditional first port of call for business lending probably remains the high street banks. They will fund but their model works best when applied to funding a large tangible asset that has a rising resale value (land perhaps) or at least a second-hand value such as vehicles or equipment). That is not a criticism of them but merely a statement of their business plan.

Other funders

Increasingly, that business plan is being exploited by a range of lenders who will provide more general business funding even where there is no obvious business asset. What is obvious though is that a lot of those funders will require all of the directors to provide personal guarantees. This effectively provides these lenders with access to your personal assets if the business fails to make repayment. So while there is no obvious business asset there may be sizable personal assets. To be fair, some of these lenders will lend without PGs for some purposes. If nothing else, they are easy to deal with and will provide a quick decision.

But this is stated solely to assure you that we have not lost our mind and to clarify we are not talking about that type of funding.

Alternative funding

No, we are talking about the £3,942m raised by companies on the AIM Stock Market in 2018. These are companies that have a vision and can articulate their business plan. They are mainly from sectors other than Tech (only 6% of the funds raised were for tech companies) and does include 67 companies with an average market value of just over £1m.

Ask yourself, is your vision within your organisation worth a share of £3,942m?

If you are looking to raise funds to grow your business, let's chat.

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